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> (2022) Solar radiation and solar energy estimation, using ANN and Fuzzy logic concept
Дата 22.02.2022 21:04
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(2022) Solar radiation and solar energy estimation using ANN and Fuzzy logic concept: A comprehensive and systematic study
- https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11356-022-19185-z
- Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2022)

To overcome the need of the world for energy consumption, we have to find some better and stable alternate ways of renewable energy with advanced technology. The most readily available source of energy is solar energy but solar energy has nonlinear nature due to the random nature of climate conditions. So, one way to solve is solar radiation prediction and solar energy prediction using more accurate techniques. Also, energy business and power system control units require more accuracy along with very short to large duration prediction in advance. So, to complete the requirement many prediction techniques are used and among them, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Fuzzy are more accurate and reliable techniques.

In this paper basically, a literature study for solar radiation and energy prediction using ANN and Fuzzy logic techniques has been carried out. Many studies are reviewed and then selected some most accurate, reliable, and relevant studies for further study. ANN models with different algorithms such as feed-forward back-propagation-based ANN, Multi-layer feed-forward-based ANN model, Linear regression with ANN model, GNN-based model are reviewed in the study. ANN models with different input parameters combinations and the different number of neurons were also reviewed. Fuzzy logic-based and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy interface (ANFIS)-based different models have been reviewed and observed that the ANFIS technique performs better. From the study, it has been noted that ANN and Fuzzy logic employed models are most effective for estimation than any other empirical models.

It is found that solar radiation and energy prediction models are dependent on input parameters more. At last, highlighted some possible research opportunities and areas for better efficiency of the results.

См. ссылку: K Ranabhat L Patrikeev AA Revina evna, Andrianov, K Lapshinsky, V & Sofronova, E 2016 An introduction to solar cell technology J Appl Eng Sci 14 4 481 491 https://doi.org/10.5937/jaes14-10879

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