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> (2013) 3D simulation programs for solar cells:, Sentaurus and QSCell & Quokka
Дата 14.02.2018 18:09
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(2013) 3D simulation programs for solar cells: Sentaurus and QSCell & Quokka
- http://solar.anu.edu.au/files/2013ANUSolarAnnualReport.pdf
- ANU Solar Energy reserch Annual Report 2012/2013

Synopsys   Sentaurus   package   a   full   virtual fabrication  environment,  with  tools providing process     simulation capabilities such as modeling  of  diffusions,  wet  chemical  etching, ion  implant  damage,  up  to  the  end  of  line analysis such as device simulation by resolving
for  light  and  dark  I -V  curves  of  complete cell designs,  providing  its  efficiency,  fill  factor,  and other  key  performance  attributes.    Advanced models  for  surface  and  bulk  recombination, trapping,  and  physical  phenomena  affecting charge  transport  are  fully  accounted  for,  and models   describing   these   effects   are   fully programmable.

In  2012  the  1D/2D/3D  steady  state  solar  cell  simulator Quokka was developed by Andreas Fell 1. It aims for fast simulation   speed   and   high   user   friendliness,   and   is available together with a web-based input file generator on PVLighthouse.com.au.

Quokka    solves    the    general    semiconductor    carrier transport equations based on the quasi-Fermi potentials in  a  simplified  way.  Those  simplifications  are  namely conductive boundaries and quasi-neutrality,  which  are well-known  to  be  valid  for  most  typical  silicon  solar  cell devices.

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