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> (2016) A 1T SRAM? Sounds Too Good to be True!
Дата 1.12.2017 10:57
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(2016) A 1T SRAM? Sounds Too Good to be True!
Источник: http://thememoryguy.com/a-1t-sram-sounds-t...ood-to-be-true/

At the IEEE’s International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) in December a start-up named Zeno Semiconductors introduced a 1-transistor (1T) SRAM.  Given that today’s SRAMs generally use between six and eight transistors per bit, this alternative promises to squeeze the same amount of SRAM into a space 1/6th to 1/8th the size of current SRAM designs, leading to significant cost savings.

The device is really a single standard NMOS transistor that behaves as if it were two bipolar transistors connected into something like a flip-flop, although the transistors’ bases are open, rather than cross-coupled to the opposite transistors’ collector, as is done in a standard flip-flop.

The cell is selected by activating the gate, and the bit is set or sensed via the source and drain to provide a differential signal.

This is a decidedly clever departure from standard SRAM configurations, and it reflects a careful observation of the actual behavior of different parts of the underlying single NMOS transistor teamed up with some very innovative thinking.

Remember that DRAMs use a capacitor and a transistor, so the added transistor would behave similarly to the “Select” transistor in a DRAM cell.

Zeno is not the first company to try making a single-transistor SRAM.  In the 1990s another firm pioneered a different sort of 1T SRAM that was based on a thyristor, rather than a transistor.  The company’s name was T-RAM.

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