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> (2020) Analytical Review of Solar Cell as, Globalized Approach
Дата 10.11.2020 12:47
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(2020) Analytical Review of Solar Cell as Globalized Approach
Авторы: Srishtee Chaudhary, Rajesh Mehra (Email author)
- https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/9...81-15-5313-4_19
- Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 667) - Advances in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment, Select Proceedings of NCRESE 2019, Editors (view affiliations) - Lillie DewanRamesh C. BansalUjjwal Kumar Kalla


Sustainable development is emerging as an interdisciplinary issue to deal with environment prospects considering the future of the planet. The globally changing scenario is witnessing the extinction of resources and its adverse effect on environment. The limitation regarding current world scenario has led researchers to explore the perspectives related to renewable energy for sustainable development of the planet. Investigating the possibilities with renewable resources of energy as these resources are being available in abundance. Among all renewable resources of energy solar energy is utmost available clean and abundant. Solar energy cells based upon organic–inorganic materials are researched and tested globally for better efficiency. In this paper, the evolution mechanism of solar cells and their impact on the environment are discussed. This paper presents the review of various technologies and the synthesis methods of the solar cell based on the performance characteristics. The challenges and prospects to develop better solar cells are also reviewed and discussed.


Solar cell Perovskite solar cell (PSC) Power conversion efficiency Hole transport layer Electron transport layer 

См. ссылку №3:
1. Khan NMA, Alrikabi MA (2014) Renewable energy types. J Clean Energy Technol 2(1):61–64Google Scholar
2. Yang WS, Park B, Jung EH, Jeon NJ, Kim YC, Lee D, Shin SS, Seo J, Kim EK, Noh JH, Seok S (2017) Iodide management in formamidinium-lead-halide-based perovskite layers for efficient solar cells. Science 356(6345):1376–1379. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aan2301
3. Ranabhat K, Patrikeev L, Revina AA, Andrianov K, Lapshinsky V, Sofronova E (2016) An introduction to solar cell technology. Paper number: 14(2016)4, 405, 481–491.

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